Newskill Neith Zephyr, gaming chair on sale that is worth it

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Let’s talk about chairs. So take a seat (pun intended) because today we want to turn the subject around. We want you to finally become aware of the importance of choosing a good model. Not the most expensive or the most premium, no, that’s not what it’s about. We are talking about a model that adapts to your needs and your pocket. Because we are not going to fool ourselves, we may have certain needs, but if the budget does not allow us for that, there is nothing more to talk about. At an intermediate point we have found a model that we want to talk to you about at length today since precisely today we found it on sale: Newskill Neith Zephyr.

This chair newskill is the evolution of Newskill Neith, a model that we already told you about in Gizcomputer. Sit down and let’s talk about everything it can offer us (and also what it can’t). Here we go.

Design of the Newskill Neith Zephyr

This gaming chair Newskill Neith Zephyr stands out first of all for being quite resistant. It is very well built, with quality materials and offers us a resistance of up to 150kg, above average. Regarding its dimensions, the total dimensions are 73 x 60 x 125-131cm and its weight is 22.5kg.

It is available in a wide variety of colors: red, pink, blue, white, green, gray, purple and dark blue. You choose which one goes best with your set up. In any case, all these colors are combined with black and white tones. Having such a variety of colors to choose from is a good option for you to find the one you like the most.

Newskill Neith Zephyr

The finish is breathable fabric, an upholstery that I personally love. It is my favorite because, although it is not as visually premium as leather or fur, it is much more grateful. It is usually relatively easy to clean, it is cooler and breathes better, in addition to being resistant and soft at the same time.

Thanks to leap frog mechanism which is located at the bottom of the seat we find a chair of great stability and durability. This point is very important so that the chair lasts longer. Because a chair on its first day will always perform well, but we will see how it evolves after weeks of intensive use. In this case, thanks to this mechanism it can give us good performance.

It is a very comfortable chair as well as ergonomic, something very important. Because we must not deny a reality: we spend many hours sitting in front of the PC. And this can have certain problems for our health in the long run. That is why it is very very important that we do not settle for anything and that we consider the option of choosing that extra quality that can do us so much good. Is this Newskill Neith Zephyr enough? Yes, we are already talking about a medium level that works very well. It will help you maintain a comfortable and correct posture so that your back and neck do not suffer.

Newskill Neith Zephyr

Everything this chair offers us

As I said, it is a chair very focused on ergonomics. It has padding in the seat and backrest, which is high-density molded foam. Furthermore, it also incorporates two adjustable cushions, one for the lumbar area and another for the cervical area. As a note, the neck brace is made of Memory Foam, which recovers its shape even if you are in it for many hours.

On the other hand, we can also highlight that it has a reclining backrest up to 180º. Do you go to work? Stand up straight. Maybe now you’re going to take a few minutes to relax and want to put on something more comfortable? Man, I would recommend taking a few steps, even if it’s just around the room, it doesn’t hurt to get up from your seat and move a little. But at least the option to lie down and recline is there. It’s good that you know.

Newskill Neith Zephyr

It also has Carbon textured armrests with 4D function, which we can adapt it perfectly to our posture in four positions (height, width, length and angle). The height, as we have already seen, can be adjusted by 6 centimeters thanks to its class 4 gas piston.

We have already mentioned that it is very resistant and here its 350mm reinforced metal base. At this point we must mention that the manufacturer indicates that it has a footrest and well, we must put that in quotes, since it is not a front footrest as such, but rather the base is a little higher on the inside so that you can support your feet, but in any case it is not ideal.

Lastly, mention that the wheels are 60 mm and they end in nylon to avoid scratching the floor if we move. It is not about running a marathon around your room, but in the end we have all moved at some point while sitting in the chair, either to grab a piece of paper or to go to the printer.

Technical characteristics of the Newskill Neith Zephyr

Newskill Neith Zephyr
Guy gaming chair
Color Red, pink, blue, white, green, gray, purple and dark blue
Main material Breathable fabric
Dimensions 73 x 60 x 125-131cm
Maximum supported weight Up to 150kg
Weight 22.5kg
Cushions Adjustable cervical and lumbar
Bottom mechanism Leap frog
Back Reclined up to 180º
Armrest Textured carbon with 4D function
Piston Class 4 gas piston
Base 350mm reinforced metal
Wheels 60mm nylon

Availability and price of the Newskill Neith Zephyr

Here we leave you their best offers to buy it today at a very good price.

  • Very comfortable
  • Very resistant
  • Available in eight colors
  • High quality materials
  • Supports up to 150 kg
  • wide seat
  • Good value for money
  • Up to 180 degree tilt
  • With breathable fabric or leatherette, to choose

  • It does not have a footrest as such

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