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News VOD 11/21: ‘Raised by Wolves’, science vs religion in the wasteland

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VOD news brings you the best releases of the week on Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime Video … And … premieres, there are them, so if you already know Raised by Wolves it may surprise you to see it as outstanding. But everything has a reason and in this case several.


Finally HBO is back at the top, albeit on the rebound. To this you can add that the week is very weak in terms of pure and hard news and made to choose something, Raised by Wolves it is seen by the whole world without shoehorning the ideological rubbish of the moment.

Raised by Wolves

Because Raised by Wolves (Raised by wolves) is one of the best science fiction series that was launched last year and although Movistar + subscribers already had it at their disposal, its international premiere was reduced to HBO Max. So, it’s a good time to ‘dust off’ the HBO subscription and swallow Raised by Wolves in one go if you feel like it: it starts very well, runs a little looser and ends that way; but it has a very interesting point because of the setting it raises – and I’m not referring to the physical setting – and it will have a second season, so … Raised by Wolves It is directed among others by the teacher Ridley Scott.

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More exclusive content:

  • Chronicles of the Covid in New York. “It reviews the lives of five young filmmakers, ages 17-21, who turned on their cameras to tell the stories of their families during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic in New York.”
  • Genera + ion (T1). “A diverse group of high school students explore modern by testing their most deeply held beliefs about life, love and family in a very conservative community.”

New chapters:

  • All American (T2)
  • Legacies (T3)
  • Momma Named me Sheriff (T2)
  • Snowfall (T4)
  • Superman & Lois (T1)

Enter catalog:

  • DC Superhero Girls (T1)
  • Metalocalypse (T4)
  • Shazam!

Apple TV +

We continue with… Apple TV +! And it is that the video-on-demand platform of those from Cupertino premieres a well-sponsored film, which nevertheless …


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Cherry is the new film by the Russo brothers, known mainly for their work with the Avengers saga, for which they use one of these superheroes, Spider-man Tom Holland, who is still determined to get rid of the good-boy sanbenito by doing supposedly intense things. But if with The devil at all hours It seems that it worked well for him, with this one … the critics are receiving it quite coldly and the story it presents does not help to generate interest either. Of course, for tastes …

New chapters:

  • For all mankind (T2)
  • Servant (T2)


We went on to list the news from Netflix, a leader in the VOD sector, although by the amount of poison that they produce, anyone would say that they are determined to revoke the situation … With nuances, of course.

The day of yes

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The truth is that the most prominent launch of the week on Netflix is The One, a series that is not that I am liking much, but … But as they have not deigned to offer a trailer with dubbing or subtitles in Spanish, we highlight The day of yes, a comedy for the whole family whose most attractive promise is that of a good nap while the offspring babble in front of the screen.

More exclusive content:

  • Wedding or mortgage (T1). «A wedding planner and a real estate agent compete to win the hearts (and pockets) of the bride and groom. Will they choose a fabulous link or the house of their dreams? “
  • Dealer (T1). “Things get tense when two filmmakers infiltrate a gang-controlled area to shoot a video clip for a rapper in this found footage series.”
  • The son. “In this psychological thriller, Lorenzo loses control of his life when he realizes that his wife, obsessed with alternative motherhood, is trying to isolate her son.”
  • The Rose of Bombay. “In a colorful and fascinating city, the budding love between two dreamers is put to the test.”
  • The Begums of Bombay (T1). “From boardrooms to the margins of society, five ambitious women from different backgrounds grapple with their dreams, desires and disappointments in today’s Bombay.”
  • Last Chance U (T1). “Elite athletes with troubled pasts turn to junior college football for a second chance to straighten out their lives and fulfill their dreams.”
  • Love alarm (T2). “In a world where an app alerts people if someone in the area is attracted to them, Kim Jojo finds her first love and faces personal challenges.”
  • Paradise Police (T3). “A diligent young man, the son of a small town police chief, joins the team and participates in a stumbling investigation into a drug trafficking case.”
  • The One (T1). “Love and lies get out of hand when a DNA researcher discovers a way to find like-minded people and creates a matching service.”
  • Paper lives. “Mehmet, a sick man who runs a garbage dump in Istanbul, takes care of a small child. But soon he must face his own traumatic childhood. “

New chapters:

  • Snowpiercer: Snowbreaker (T2)

Enter catalog:

  • Akelarre
  • American Beauty
  • Çarsi Pazar
  • The Block Island Mystery
  • The city of stars (La La Land)
  • Far from here
  • Piola
  • Romantik Komedi 2: Bekarlığa Veda
  • Scary story to tell in the dark
  • Sen Benim HerŞeyimsin
  • Surviving in the desert
  • One month in Thailand

Amazon Prime Video

And we are ending with Amazon Prime Video, which basically remains fallow fueled by the growth of its ever-growing catalog, from which it puts and removes content without stopping.

More exclusive content:

  • Setting an example (T1). “An unprecedented journey into the interior of Australia’s greatest sport in the most difficult year in its history.”

New chapters:

  • American Gods (T3)
  • Tell me how it happened (T21)

Enter catalog:

  • Gray eagle
  • Belmonte
  • Blue iguana
  • Casper, school of scares (T1-T2)
  • Good guys
  • Police car
  • Cut off
  • Lady of Porto Pim
  • The year of the flood
  • The end of Arsenio Godard
  • The great collapse
  • The river man
  • The impostor
  • I am alive (T4)
  • Green Room
  • Hurricane over the island
  • Indian horse
  • Insensitive
  • The vault
  • The decision
  • Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (T11-T13)
  • The secrets we hide
  • Dear mary
  • McCanick
  • Memory of my sad whores
  • Merli (T3)
  • While sleeping
  • I am not a hero
  • Parkland
  • Return to Hansala
  • Silk
  • Alone
  • The Outpost (T1-T3)
  • TIC Tac
  • Darkness
  • Outrage
  • Me, my wife and my dead woman
  • I love eva

Disney +

Finally, Disney +, where this week you could see the last chapter of its second series and, it must be said, the second great success, the one that deals with the disturbing life as a couple of the Scarlet Witch and Vision.

New chapters:

  • Inside Disney (T1)
  • Marvel Studios Legends (T1)
  • The Simpson (T31)
  • WandaVision (T1)

Enter catalog:

  • Doctor K: Exotic Animals (T5)
  • The Cleveland Show (T4)
  • Flicka 2
  • Isle of Dogs
  • Young Entrepreneurs
  • The beach
  • Sixty Seconds
  • The Catch (T2)
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