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News on Instagram: parental control is coming and yes, there will be NFT

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Some time ago, instagram announced that a new service would be launched on the platform that was designed so that parents would have greater control over what their children do when using the social network. We are talking about parental control that, the truth, is most necessary. Well, there is News about it and it is positive. What has been officially known, from the hand of Adam Mosseri himself, is that the functionality we were talking about before is beginning to be deployed so that it can be used. Of course, the arrival is not worldwide and at first it will be in the US where parental control will be activated. In this way, the company owned by Meta can perform performance tests to later launch it to all markets (full deployment is expected to end in May). What does Instagram parental control have Apart from including different tools that allow restricting an account’s access to the chosen content, as is usual in this type of functionality (such as filtering by tags or users), it also includes something that is new and positive: an educational center. Here there will be different videos that parents can see to learn about the use that is given to Instagram and there will even be tips to communicate properly with teenagers. Other options that the parental control has implemented are the time that the children are connected to the social network and, even, review the people who follow the account that the adolescent has or the power to set usage limits. So wide will be the options that it will even be possible to receive notifications when accounts are reported. The truth is that there are many and good possibilities. The arrival of NFTs is confirmed Little by little, Non-Fungible Tokens (or NFTs) are gaining weight in investments made as collectibles, and for this reason Mark Zuckerberg himself has confirmed that this type of element will be part of Instagram taking advantage of the large amount of unique content that is created on a regular basis. It is not yet known how the implementation will be, since there must be a purchase and property gateway, but the statements of the owner of Meta have been very clear in his speech at SXSW: “in the coming months, the capacity to incorporate some of their NFTs”. Impossible clearer. >

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