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News of iOS 16.3, latest version now available

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iPhone mobile users can now download the latest version of Apple’s operating system, iOS 16.3, which has just updated the software after its release last September with a series of new features.

Access keys allow access to the AppleID account through physical devices

Security and solutions to some bugs that have been occurring in recent months are the main novelties in this update, which does not represent any particularly notable revolution, unlike its predecessor iOS 16.2, but rather the solution to some aspects that have caused inconvenience to some users. , in addition to the always welcome reinforcement in the security of the ecosystem.

The most notable novelties are the following:

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-SOS emergency: The emergency call will only start when the buttons indicated on the screen are released, to avoid calls made by mistake.

-Access keys: You can log in to AppleID using physical devices, although you must be very careful in this section because the loss of one of these devices would allow unauthorized people to access your Apple account. In addition, in case of loss, Apple will not be able to help unlock the account, something that does happen in case of password loss.

Regarding the solutions of errors, the following are solved:

-Home Pod operation second generation.

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-Strokes made with fingers or Apple Pencil that did not appear on shared whiteboards.

– background lock in black.

-Horizontal lines when waking up the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

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-Siri responds appropriately to musical requests and improves its understanding of requests when CarPlay is activated.

To activate the iPhone and install iOS 16.3, just follow the route “Settings – General – Software update – Download and install”, having to have at least 60% battery and it is advisable to do it with the device connected to a WiFi network.

What’s new in iOS 16

All iPhone 8 and later -even the recently introduced iPhone 14- can already install iOS 16, considered a particularly important update of the environment, as it has been possible to infer from the betas.

Especially important will be the new additions in terms of personalization of communications and the reinforcement of privacy. Some of the most obvious changes will be noticeable on the lock screen, the Messages app, and the Wallet, but there will be more. And some tricks for iOS 16 are also already known.

-Edit messages already sent: It is one of the three functions most requested by users, as explained at the last WWDC (World Developers Conference) Craig Federighi, Apple’s vice president of software engineering. It will allow you to make corrections to messages that have already been sent, with the inclusion of a small “Edited” indicator that will inform the rest of the participants in the communication. In this same section you can undo the sending of a recently sent message, something that will possibly avoid misunderstandings and conflicts.

-New lock screen: This is the most substantial modification to the possibilities of the iPhone’s lock screen, especially in terminals equipped with the FaceID biometric recognition system. In addition to being able to change the background color and the font (different photos can even appear in a carousel as a screen saver), the ability to incorporate widgets that will appear on said lock screen is expanded, from activity rings to the calendar, so that In a way, the iPhone lock screen will resemble an Apple Watch with its complications.

-Display “always on” (always on): This is a feature that almost all Android smartphones have offered for a long time and allows information such as the time and date to appear on the screen (or even notifications from an app) even if it remains off. In iOS 16 this function is called Live Activities and it allows developers to incorporate into their applications the possibility of showing information in small windows, from the progress in a training session to the time remaining until a car requested through Uber arrives.

-Relocation of notifications: In order to improve handling of the iPhone with one hand, notifications are moved to the bottom of the screen when it is locked. In relation to notifications, the aforementioned Live Activities allows recurring notifications from the same application to be gathered together and are displayed in real time on the screen without becoming a series of annoying interruptions.

-Wallet and Postponed Pass (Apple Pay Later): The ability to incorporate different cards and official documents into the iOS Wallet is expanded, reinforcing security and privacy (for example, not showing the date of birth but simply indicating that the user is of legal age). With regard to Apple Pay Later, it is a service that distributes the amount corresponding to purchases made through the Apple payment platform in four installments to be paid distributed over six weeks without interest or additional commissions.

-Smart image editing and cropping: Evolving on the changes that iOS 15 already introduced, it reaches a higher level in terms of the possibilities of cutting an object or subject from one image and moving it to another. To do this, all you have to do is tap on said object or subject, which will be intelligently cropped, and can be dragged to another app, such as Messages, where it can be used to send or to incorporate it into another image.

-SharePlay in Messages: It expands the connection capabilities that have already been seen in FaceTime by allowing you to share content, such as music or television shows.

-Security check: It hides the information about the user’s location, allowing it to check which other users have access to it to facilitate the revocation of said permissions. From Apple they communicate that it is a function specifically aimed at avoiding problems derived from toxic relationships and abuse

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