News in Google Calendar: the change that many were asking for is coming


Organizing your day well is the key for many. Setting reminders on your cell phone or keeping an agenda can be vital for the day to go smoothly, but the truth is that with cell phones everything is much simpler. Of all the applications on the market, one of the most used may be Google Calendar and, finally, it seems that the company It brings us one of the changes most loved by all.

Google Calendar has become a fundamental organization tool for many. Writing down appointments and meetings is the most effective way to avoid confusion and absences. In any case, those from Mountain View still have some things to polish. One of the most requested functions has to do with the visualization of the activities that are within the day, but navigation now improves with a new function that you will like to know about.

Going back to the current day is much easier

When you have a forecast for an event, it is important to write it down somewhere. A wall calendar, your physical agenda or any piece of paper as long as you have it in mind. But mobile phones have played an important part in this sense and that is why it is easier not only to keep track of everything you are writing down, but also to receive notifications so that no important day is missed.

In Google Calendar This is a possibility that can be configured at different times, but some had some problems finding the current day. Let us explain: the application always defaults to the current day so that you can see everything that is ahead of you today, but if you started browsing you could encounter some problem getting back to it, especially if you are confused about the day on which do you live.


Interestingly, it’s not really something new that wasn’t in the app, but rather it’s a modification of an existing functionand in previous versions, right next to your profile photo, you found a calendar with a dot that already served as this feature, but it seems that its use was not very clear.

Now, the American firm has updated the application with a new, much clearer icon. This graphic is as simple as a sheet with a number inside that, once pressed, will allow you to return to the day you are on. Luckily, we avoid having to swipe or click anywhere.

When will this feature be available?

The news about the arrival of a new button to return to the day you are on is very good, but we better tell you that Google has already distributed the relevant update for this new feature. If you don’t want to wait, update the application as soon as possible and you will be able to see the new Calendar present day button. You will be able to start using it comfortably and without waiting.

Yes, dAt this time only users of Android They are the first to receive the change, while iOS users will have to wait a bit to have it on their terminals. However, it shouldn’t take too long before we can get our hands on this novelty from the terminals of the bitten apple. Be that as it may, it is advisable to always have the applications updated to the latest version. In addition to avoiding possible security breaches, we will always have the latest news available.

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