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News for your Android: stickers with personalized phrases in Gboard, pay with Play Points and much more

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Every three months Google suddenly announces a set of updates that add important features to our android devices, and for this month of June the News arrives for improve Google Play communication, browsing and payments.

Google has released news for its keyboard Gboard-the-google-keyboard-doubles-for-folding-here-it-is-in-action/">gboard for accessibility applications Sound amplifier Y Lookout and important novelties in the points program Google Play Points. The novelties are the following:

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Stickers with personalized phrases

The stickers with personalized phrases are now official. After several months of testing, Google is launching this new feature worldwide, although at the moment only for the keyboard set to US English. This feature allows us turn a short phrase into a sticker. To do this we just have to activate the US English keyboard, write a phrase, click on the emoji that will appear in the suggestion bar and then on the new stickers with the personalized phrase that will appear in the suggestion bar. Gboard will offer us different designs.

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More Combinations of Emoji Kitchen

To celebrate the imminent arrival of the summer and the month of Pride arrive more than 1,600 new combinations to create new stickers with Emoji Kitchen so that we have more possibilities to express an emotion with a sticker. For example, you can create a new sticker by combining the watermelon emoji with other elements, such as a downturn. And for Pride, the rainbow will have to be combined with other emojis.

More accessibility features

The Sound Amplifier accessibility app is updated to offer improved background noise reduction, faster and more accurate sound, and a revamped user interface to make it easier to use.

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For people with vision problems, you will find important new features and improvements in the new Lookout update. The app is updated with a new Pictures mode so they can easily analyze any image and listen to his description thanks to Google’s machine learning for image understanding. Google has also made improvements to text mode, document mode, food label mode, and browse mode to make Lookout more accurate.

Pay in-app purchases with Play Points

Finally, in a few weeks we will be able to pay for integrated purchases of applications and games through the points obtained through the Google Play Points rewards program, thus eliminating the process of converting Play Points into balance. One point will be equivalent to one cent.

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