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New YouTube widgets for Android phones

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Widgets allow you to customize your mobile phone’s home screen at will. They make it possible to view information from the screen without having to access the application, which saves time. For this reason, Youtube has created new widgets to make life easier for its users.

Widgets are designed to perform quick actions without having to access the settings panel.

The arrival of the new YouTube widgets is official and is being implemented worldwide. These are two designs that will be attached to the home screen of Android phones to optimize the streaming service. This improvement will arrive in version 17.43.36 of the app.

The first widget will bear the name of “Quick Actions” and it will take up a lot of panel space. It will be a search bar that will serve to make any query quickly. It also has a microphone icon to use voice commands and four buttons especially dedicated to YouTube. Said available buttons will be those of «Start», «Shorts», «Subscriptions» and «Library».

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The switches cannot be rearranged or changed for other functions. For those who want a smaller widget there is the second option, which offers a search bar accompanied by the microphone icon. This addition will be useful to search for specific content without having to enter the platform, which is perfect for those occasions when you cannot consult your mobile for a long time.

As for the design of the widgets, they will respond to Google’s Material You language. In addition, they have the ability to adapt to dynamic wallpapers so as not to break the style of the panel. Thus, everything indicates that YouTube will continue to make notable changes in terms of the interface, new redesigned buttons and an ambient mode function that will improve the user experience.

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