New update for Motorola Edge 30 Ultra adds improvements to cameras

New update for Motorola Edge 30 Ultra adds improvements to cameras
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A Motorola announced this Tuesday (25) the release of a new update with many features unheard of for top-of-the-line smartphone cameras Edge 30 Ultra. the ddownload and installation are done automatically, all you need is an internet connection.

According to the manufacturer, the update for the Motorola Edge 30 Ultra adds the option of portrait video, intelligent high resolution, improved focus and horizontal stabilization. AThe novelties were developed after market research with model users.

The new stabilization seeks to automatically fix the horizon of the video. At the moment, the feature is exclusive to the device and can be used in 360-degree recordings, and reduces movement in case of sudden movements made by the user.

The brand highlighted that the solution has no latency and cuts the image in real time to reduce the feeling of blur. However, horizontal stabilization can only be used in captures made with the ultra-wide lens, which has 200 MP.

Another novelty that the new update adds is portrait video, which promises a cinematic bokeh effect. The cell phone system scans to find the people in the frame of the image and tries to keep the focus on them at all times.

The functionality is also activated automatically as soon as the recording mode is chosen by the user. In conclusion, the brand stated that this update comes precisely to bring even more agility and speed in the usability of the cameras.

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(updated April 25, 2023, 8:50 PM)
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