New tools for SMEs on Facebook and Instagram

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Meta, the parent company of Facebook, WhatsApp and Instagram, has announced new tools for preferential use by companies in their communication and marketing strategies.

Meta is going to incorporate the possibility of starting a chat on WhatsApp from Facebook or Instagram through WhatsApp Business

Especially aimed at small businesses and SMEs, the purpose of these tools is to allow companies to strengthen the connection with customers through these two social networks.

According to Meta, 70% of people want to maintain communication channels with companies that allow them the same ease as in their dialogue with family and friends. To meet this need, Facebook and Instagram users will now have easier methods to start a chat on WhatsApp through the WhatsApp Business app.

The tools available for professionals in Meta Business Suite, a set of applications that you will see integrated Facebook Messenger and Instagram Direct to centralize all direct communications on a single platform, to which WhatsApp Inbox is now added.

This single inbox will also allow communications to be managed centrally for different numbers corresponding to different WhatsApp lines hosted on different terminals.

Regarding marketing messaging, Meta Business Suite will also allow the organization of campaigns through Messenger as well as the management of the communication of these campaigns with customers.

With regard to Instagram, Meta is currently testing a tool with a small group of companies that will allow add a poll to the Instagram profile as well as in the Stories by means of a sticker.

In this way, businesses will be able to determine the priorities of the clients through a brief questionnaire before starting a conversation. The filters that are established through these responses help channel subsequent communication, facilitating the company’s work and helping the customer.


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