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New technologies in the automotive world

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The Automotive industry has always been very receptive to the arrival of technological advancements. Technology has changed the way automobiles are designed, manufactured, operated and maintained.

A good example of this, which is exportable to the motor World in general, also to motorcycles, are the major competition events, such as F1, car endurance tests or motorcycling championships. Many of the designs that are used in these scenarios, both at the vehicle level and in products (lubricants, tires …) end up reaching passenger cars, commercial vehicles and motorcycles for daily use.

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In 2021, in the midst of the climate and environmental crisis, technology in the automotive industry is moving towards three main areas: autonomy, non-polluting vehicles and interactivity with the user.

When will large-scale autonomous cars arrive?

This question is increasingly close to being resolved, as many manufacturers have been testing prototypes for years and are becoming more and more successful. At the same time, most modern cars already have autonomous systems thought for improve passenger safety.

The AEB systems use radar technology, cameras and LIDAR to assess the road ahead and avoid potential accidents. This group of technological advances can also include parking assistants.

However, in this matter, the one who has advanced the most in recent years has been Google, with his interpretation software for road users. The aim of the system is to interpret the behavior of other drivers on the road and from there it is the central processing unit itself that makes intelligent decisions.

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We are still far from seeing autonomous vehicles on the road, at least on a large scale, but no one doubts that this is a possible future, because in fact Autonomous devices, such as machinery, are already available in the logistics industry.

Non-polluting vehicles

Another area in which the automotive industry works tirelessly is the manufacture of vehicles that are less polluting. This is a direct consequence of the environmental crisis we are experiencing, the need to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and the greatest difficulties in accessing fossil fuel operations.

The Petroleum, which is the element from which gasoline and diesel come, has already reached its zenith, the maximum extraction peak. On the other hand, biofuels also pose a significant moral dilemma and are not as profitable as those derived from oil.

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Faced with this situation, the automotive industry is promoting the development and manufacture of clean energy vehicles, mainly electric cars. The green hydrogen It also appears as a great opportunity, because it also limits the use of lithium batteries so necessary in electric cars.

In any case, a good part of this transition towards non-polluting vehicles also depends on the use that the users themselves give to their driving style. There are elements in vehicles, such as tires, that can reduce this level of impact as long as they are in good condition. In this sense, 1001 Tires is a reference portal, as it offers the latest news at the best price, that is, quality tires that respect the environment.

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More interactivity with the user

One last area in which technology is present in the automotive and motor world in general is interactivity with the user. Today practically all vehicles have an on-board computer It controls a wide range of functions.

These systems, which are closely related to autonomy, allow the user to control the GPS, activate the cruising speed, the temperature of the car and even the level of emissions. The fusion between car and smartphone is almost possible in its entirety, being able to even read telephone messages from the vehicle screen on the dashboard, answer calls with hands-free systems or activate functions in the vehicle by voice or gesture commands.

Autonomy and interactivity define the future of the sector, but it is very dependent on the energy and mobility transition. As has happened during the last century, the motor world will be a pioneer in technological advances.

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