New Samsung T7 Shield: a powerful and, above all, resistant SSD

New Samsung T7 Shield: a powerful and, above all, resistant SSD
new samsung t7 shield: a powerful and, above all, resistant

One of the things that is required of external drives is that they offer a resistance so that you do not have to constantly worry about a slight bump or splash of water. Well, the new Samsung T7 Shield It offers just that combined with excellent performance when it comes to managing information.

The accessory we are talking about has significant improvements over the T7 that is already on the market. These, for the most part, have to do with everything related to the finish. Thus, for example, an internal rubber lining is included that ensures that it is possible to withstand impacts in an excellent way, so much so, that the falls of up to three meters they are not a problem for you. Besides, it also has IP65 certification, which means that neither water nor dust affects it in the least. Therefore, it is an ideal equipment for those who have to be away from home constantly.

All of this is combined with a high-quality finish that gives the disc a striking appearance. An example of what we say is that its external casing is made of aluminum, which means that it reaches premium heights. And, all this, with a weight that is less than 300 grams, making it very comfortable to transport. By the way, it will be possible to buy the Samsung accessory in three different colors: blue, beige and blackwhich makes it quite different from other similar devices on the market.

Great performance of this Samsung T7 Shield

Thanks to the use of SSD technology, the data transfer it allows is very high. Without going further, both reading and writing data reach 1000MB/s minimum. And this means? Well, something as simple as the fact that it’s an excellent work tool, since you’ll be able to store high-quality files such as videos and play them normally and even install applications inside them without noticing any drop in performance.


It should be noted that this device has technology Dynamic Thermal Guard. On the one hand, it speeds up data copying tasks effectively and without errors, but with one very important condition: it manages the heat generated so that no interruptions are suffered -and, furthermore, the risks of external drive operation.

Prices of this external drive

It depends on the storage capacity offered by the Samsung T7 Shield: 1 or 2TB, more than enough to respond to current needs. The first costs about 140 euros, while the second amounts to €250. Quite sensible prices for a device that has great performance and connectivity usb type c (Which ensures excellent compatibility with both Windows and macOS, and even those on current mobile devices).


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