New Safari bug causes browser to crash when searching for specific words

New Safari bug causes browser to crash when searching for specific words

iOS users are complaining about a bug caused in Safari, the iPhone’s default browser, when searching for terms that contain a specific three-letter string. According to reports, the app crashes unexpectedly whenever the following terms are searched: “wal”, “bes”, and “tar”.

Apparently, the flaw happens on all cell phones and could be related to a problem with Google’s search engine instead of Apple’s browser. According to information from the Apple Insider portal, most iPhone owners who have registered the case reside in California or Florida, but there are exceptions.

For now, the developer has not yet positioned itself on the matter acknowledging the existence of the bug in Safari, however, considering Apple’s history, it is expected that the alleged defect will be fixed in a future operating system update – the patch should be released at from the second half of this month.

In the meantime, it is recommended to install and use another browser — like Chrome or Opera, for example — while the Safari bug persists. On Twitter, the official Apple Support profile responded to a post asking for more information about the case, meaning the developer team seems to be aware of the recent crash of Safari.

As determined by AllCellularin our tests we did not find the bug in the application suggesting that it is a regional rather than a systemic fault.

Bug report:

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