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New rumors point to the possibility that Apple will finally present an iPhone 14 mini

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There is very little left for the new iPhone 14 be a reality. The latest rumors point to the possibility that Apple will present its new generation of phones on September 7. And be careful, they could surprise us with a mini version.

It is not the first time that we have talked about the possibility of Apple launching an iPhone 14 mini. Possibility that was discarded a few months ago. And the truth is that this decision makes perfect sense.

For starters, the mini version of the iPhone hasn’t exactly been a bestseller. The company with the bitten apple did not get the desired performance from this model, so everything indicated that its days would be numbered and that there would not be an iPhone 14 mini.

Will they present an iPhone 14 mini in September?

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Now, the colleagues of 91Mobiles have surprised us with unexpected news: one of the most important distributors of Apple products in Asia and the Pacific is preparing space in its warehouses for the nNew iPhone and iPad coming next month.

iPhone 14mini

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iPhone 14mini splash

The most amazing? That among the products for which they are reserving space there is a iPhone 14mini, plus tenth-generation iPad with a 10.2-inch.

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Capital surprise, although the information must be taken with tweezers. To begin with, the source of the information is nothing more and nothing less than Evan Blass, one of the leaksters with the greatest background in the sector and who has a really high hit rate.

And the well-known leaker claims that next month there will be a new iPad, in addition to an iPhone 14 Mini. To say that analysts of the stature of Ming-Chi Kuo, an eminence in everything related to Apple, made it clear a few months ago that there would not be a mini version, so this new report has caught us by surprise.

In addition, and as we have told you, Evan Blass is not just any leaker., so the information it publishes is taken into account. But in this case, the truth is that the information is leaking for several reasons.

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To begin with, and as we have told you, the sales reports made it clear that the iPhone mini had no place in the market anymore, so it was logical that Apple would eliminate this family of devices.

Furthermore, all previous rumors point in this direction. And finally, although the source of the information is very reliable, they may have deceived you, so you will have to take this new data about the iPhone 14 mini as a rumor and wait for the official presentation to confirm all the data.


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