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New ‘renders’ give life to the rumor of the arrival of a new generation of iPod Touch

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The success of the iPhone back in 2007 brought as an immediate consequence the transformation of one of the key devices in the evolution of the company. We are talking about the famous iPods, those who managed to popularize music in digital format via a player with several gigabytes of internal storage and a characteristic control wheel on the front.

With that triumph of the iPhone, those of Steve Jobs, then, decided to turn their music player into a kind of smartphone without smartphone capabilitiesIn other words, they left everything as is and the options of making voice calls, sending and receiving SMS messages or having a mobile internet connection were subtracted. Now, when we all finished that range, rumors suggest that we will have a new launch this year, the first with an all-screen front without Home button.


First leaked renders

Thus, information begins to arrive that Apple is preparing a new iPod Touch, which would reach the eighth generation after a last attempt to popularize it two years ago now. It was in May 2019 when the last of the models landed in stores, which was still clinging to the presence of a physical button on the front and respecting the form factor of the old iPhone 6, 7 and 8.

In November 2020, Apple added ‘iPod touch’ to their Apple Music PR blurb. Well now we know why. This Fall Apple is planning to release the next version of the iPod touch. Thanks to @ AppleLe257 for sourcing info & @Apple_Tomorrow for the renders! pic.twitter.com/ImQQj3hxDc

– Steve Moser (@SteveMoser) May 21, 2021

From Macrumors now come the first images of what the future eighth-generation iPod Touch will look like, with a design very similar to the current iPhone, with a front without buttons, a notch at the top and, according to the same information, even the presence of Face ID. At this point, we would have to consider as feasible that Apple opts for a side button with Touch ID, as in the case of the iPad Air that arrived at the end of last year.

In addition to these general lines, it remains to be seen that the screen size will be increased from the 4 inches of the 2019 model (which have already been, by all means, much exceeded). To that, we must add the question of whether the port for helmets will remain, that 3.5mm minijack. that already disappeared in 2016 with the iPhone 7. Anyway, It seems clear that we are facing a milestone in the range that will represent a before and after that could have an interesting eighth generation in 2021. Something unthinkable for many who already gave up the entire iPod range (Touch or no Touch), leaving it as a mere vestige in the history books.



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