New releases coming to Netflix, Prime Video and more for the weekend of June 23

New releases coming to Netflix, Prime Video and more for the weekend of June 23
new releases coming to netflix, prime video and more for

We show you the premieres most striking that land on the different video platforms in Spain for the weekend of June 23, 2023. There are both series and movies that are worth noting. Therefore, it is good that you know everything to write down what catches your attention.

One of the outstanding options is the premiere of the series barrabrava. This happens on June 23, narrates the dark and dangerous world of the Club Atlético Libertad del Puerto gang. Two brothers, Polaco and César, have been key players under the leadership of their uncle, a historical figure at the club. However, the foundations of this solid structure are shaken by a disagreement between the Uncle and the president of the club regarding the negotiation of the star player.

In this clash of interests, the treason looms over the uncle, who watches as Luna, his right-hand man and second in command of the gang, rises up against him in a bloody battle between factions within Club Atlético Libertad. Luna, thirsty for power and control, manages to gain absolute control of the gang, leaving the brothers Polaco and César in a vulnerable position without rights.

Among the films, the striking thing is that Movistar Plus+ arrives Matrix Resurrections on June 23. The story of this installment is as follows: Thomas Anderson, recognized as an eminence in the fascinating world of video games, finds himself trapped at an existential crossroads. His seemingly comfortable and successful life is challenged by a fundamental question: what is real and what is mere illusion?

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In his day to day, Thomas experiences a growing confusion It goes beyond the limits of your imagination. The line between tangible reality and the vast virtual world on which she has built his reputation blurs disturbingly. Like an immersive video game plot, Thomas’ life becomes a maze of uncertainty and mystery.

The rest of the premieres that arrive on the weekend of June 23

This is the list of all the options that you should know that are released on the weekend we are talking about:


  • Across the Sea: June 23 Premiere
  • The perfect combination: premiere on June 23
  • iNumber Number: Johannesburg Gold: Premieres June 23

Prime Video

  • I’m a Virgo: season one premieres June 23
  • Last Night in Soho: Premiere June 25


  • Swagger: External of the second season on June 23

Movistar Plus+

  • Hopper, the chicken hare: premiere on June 24
  • The forging of a champion. The Legend of Jem Belcher; premiere on June 25


  • Small victories: premiere on June 23
  • An Argentine crime: premiere on June 23
  • The kings of the world: premiere on June 23
  • Pornomelancholy: premiere on June 23
  • Sublime: premiere on June 23