New Redmi Watch 3 Active, a new model that is resistant and complete

Brian Adam

Redmi pushes the smartwatch market again with a device that has many options of becoming a suitable choice for a large number of users. Is he Redmi Watch 3 Activewhich has among its virtues that it aims to be the most economical.

This new wearable accessory, from the well-known Xiaomi sub-brand, offers a 1.83 inch LCD screen, which includes more than 200 customizable designs by default to adapt to all types of users. By the way, this component has a 2.5D finish, which allows you to use a small curvature at its ends that makes it fit like a glove with its casing.


In addition, it should be noted that his water resistance is 5ATM, so you won’t have any problem wearing it when you’re in the pool or you have to shower at home or the gym (it goes without saying that rain or sweat doesn’t affect it in the slightest). This, by the way, is positive, since this is a model that is intended to be worn when doing sports and that has a large number of recognition options for different activities, some of them being automatic such as cycling, running and , even, jumping rope.


Sensors to acquire a lot of information

The Redmi Watch 3 Active has a blood oxygen saturation detection system, which provides a comprehensive view of health and wellness. In addition, its 24-hour cardiac monitoring and heart rate tracking function sleep provides accurate and detailed data to optimize our rest and take care of our health. Therefore, you can know the physical state you are in and follow an evolution to improve it if necessary.


On the other hand, battery life is another highlight of the Redmi Watch 3 Active. With a single charge, this smartwatch can offer up to 12 days of autonomy, which makes it a reliable and long-lasting device (which, without being the best on the market, does perform perfectly). In addition, its magnetic charging system is very comfortable.


A price of this Redmi that is unknown

Although the price of the Redmi Watch 3 Active has not yet been revealed, although the normal thing is that, to break the market -which is Redmi’s idea-, the smartwatch we are talking about lower than 50 euros. If so, it can be an absolute success in sales. In addition, it is important to mention that this model has a metallic finish and that it is put on the market with straps of different colors (such as grey, yellow or black).