New Persona may be exclusive to Xbox, say trailers leaked by the developer

New Persona may be exclusive to Xbox, say trailers leaked by the developer
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Last Thursday (08), we held a new edition of Summer Game Fest, which brought a series of announcements and news for the video game industry, but the season of summer events (North American) is not over yet.

Next Sunday (11), Microsoft will hold a new edition of its Showcase, which promises to bring great news about exclusive games and for Game Pass, but it seems that Atlus ended up anticipating and revealed one of the surprises of the presentation .

Atlus, a developer belonging to the SEGA group, was mistaken and published earlier the trailers for the games Persona 3 Reload and Persona 5 Tactica, which are described as exclusive to Xbox Series, Xbox One, PC and Game Pass. These announcements were supposed to have been made during the Xbox Showcase, but fans were certainly overjoyed with the news.

Persona 3 Reload is the remake of this Atlus classic, scheduled for 2024, and highlights the third-person camera, with social systems close to those we have in Persona 5. versions will finally be unified.

Meanwhile, Persona 5 Tactica will arrive on November 17th and is a tactical RPG with chibi versions of the characters from this acclaimed RPG from Atlus. The game seems to be inspired by Fire Emblem and will show Persona with a more tactical aspect.

The fact that the “leaked” trailers only show Xbox, PC and Game Pass versions may not necessarily be confirmation that the games will be exclusive to those platforms, as the materials were supposed to be released at the Xbox event. Therefore, it is still possible that PlayStation and Nintendo Switch versions will also be announced with the official reveal.

Will there be other Xbox Showcase surprises being revealed in advance?


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