New OPPO Pad, a powerful tablet that even competes with the iPad

New OPPO Pad, a powerful tablet that even competes with the iPad

A couple of years ago, the tablet market was going through a difficult time, since its sales had stagnated and many companies were leaving it aside. But this has changed radically and everyone now wants to participate in a segment that is flying again. For this reason comes the OPPO Padthe first model of this manufacturer that shows very good manners and is now official.

With a striking design where a serious back lettering stands out in which you can read your name and, the truth is, it doesn’t look bad at all. This section highlights that the weight of the tablet is only 500 grams and that the thickness is reduced to 6.99 millimeters. Therefore, its continued use is comfortable and does not cause problems. In addition, in order not to lose the path started by another, a stylus own that allows freehand actions -such as writing or drawing-, and has as notable characteristics a sampling frequency of 240 Hz and its precision is no less than 4,096 points. Yes, it is competition for Samsung’s S Pen.

No hardware cracks

This allows the use that can be given to the OPPO Pad to be very broad, since it ranges from consuming multimedia content to running productivity applications such as Word or image editing applications. The fact is that all this is achieved quite easily because the integrated processor is a Qualcomm Snapdragon 870 that integrates a GPU powerful enough to be able to enjoy 3D games. Besides, the RAM goes from the 6 to 8GBso there will be nothing that will resist you… and always enjoying high fluidity.

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OPPO Pad tablet colors

To what we have commented we must add that the storage internal (UFS 3.1 type, which ensures a high speed of data transfer), which can reach up to 256GB. More than enough so that you do not have to constantly delete information or have to access the cloud if this does not convince you. By the way, if you’re wondering about the operating system, the one you’ll find inside the OPPO Pad is Android 11 with the fork ColorOS for Pad, which is specially designed to work in the best possible way with tablets.

Good screen on the OPPO Pad

The manufacturer has chosen for this model an IPS panel of 11 inches, which fits in with the current trend, since by reducing many side frames, the dimensions do not skyrocket. With a high resolution that allows it to reach a pixel density of 275 dpi, it should be noted that this is a component that has a frequency of 120Hz. This ensures excellent behavior with multimedia content, and here it also helps a lot that the tablet has four speakers Compatible with Dolby and Hi-Res Audio.

OPPO Pad tablet screen

The battery that integrates the OPPO Pad is 8,360 mAh, which is quite good considering the aforementioned thickness and confirms the expectations that were had. Therefore, use the device for more than ten hours It’s not exactly a chimera. And, in addition, it is accompanied by a 33W fast charge, which is a magnificent detail.

Price of this device

With options as striking as for example that includes WiFi 6 so that internet access is the best possible and that it does not lack a couple of cameras (the rear one is the best, since it has a resolution of 13 megapixels), the price of the cheapest version of the OPPO Pad is about 330 euros to change, which is not bad at all. It is to be hoped that she will arrive in Spain in no time.

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