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New OPPO Enco Air3 headphones: there is very little better than being so cheap

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The company OPPO It maintains its dizzying pace when it comes to launching products on the market, and every time it makes things more complicated for its opponents for this reason. If just a few days ago they announced the new Reno8 T for mid-range smartphones, now it’s the turn of headphones that seek to be a cheap and complete solution. Come on, the desire of the majority of users.

The model that is already a reality is the OPPO Enco Air3, a model that is one of those that does not use any cable to function. This is due to the bluetooth technology (specifically version 5.3) that it uses to communicate, both with the sound source and between the elements that make up the product. By the way, in terms of ergonomics, despite not having silicone tips, this is quite good, and it should be noted that this is a model Google Fast Pair compatiblewhich allows the synchronization to be always very fast.


A sound quality that is quite good

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There are two main reasons for saying this. The first is that the controllerswith polymer as manufacturing material, are of 13.4 millimeters. This allows for better-than-expected bass and, furthermore, without excessive distortion, no matter how much the volume is abused. In addition, compatibility with HIFI DSPwhich allows these OPPOs to emulate almost digital sound, with a fast and effective conversion, which is excellent both for listening to music and for conversations in movies or YouTube videos.

If you are one of those who regularly play with your mobile, which is the device most often used with headphones like the OPPO Enco Air3, there is good news too. Without being crazy the latency offered by these headphones is 47 milliseconds. This means that all the details are heard almost automatically. Besides, there are additional details that are currently essential in an accessory of this type and that this product is not lacking: water resistance (IP54 and playback control by gestures).


Great autonomy and better price in these OPPO

Each headset is capable of operating up to six hours continuously, which is not bad for its 27mAh battery. But thanks to the sheath that allows you to recharge the helmets, you can arrive at twenty-five, a really good amount and that ensures that, if you go on a trip, it will not be a problem that you do not go where there is no plug. By the way, the charging port is USB Type C.

Finally, it must be said that the price of the OPPO Enco Air3 is most striking, and I could make them an excellent purchase option when they arrive in Spain (which is practically certain to happen). In exchange they stay in about 34 eurosa very adjusted figure and, therefore, differential.

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