New Nintendo Switch OLED: the long-awaited revolution stays in a better screen

Although Nintendo’s miraculous hybrid console hit stores in March 2017, there was speculation early on with the idea that the Japanese were working on an improved version, Pro, capable of launching 4K resolutions for all your games. And despite the insistence of this information, at the moment the company has not wanted to take such an important leap.

New Nintendo Switch OLED.

In return, to satisfy the millions of fans around the world, Nintendo has presented what we can consider as the first review in depth of their machine after the one carried out in 2019 when they released a version with better battery and autonomy. So that 4K and more powerful hardware are just a few minor changes.

The screen rules from now on

What Nintendo has done with this OLED Switch is to focus attention on the console screen, which it goes from the scarce 6 inches to the 7 of the new model. Panel that will be not only larger, but also much brighter, with better contrast and more vivid colors. A luxury that will revive a good part of the toy library that we have bought inside the Japanese machine.

The rest of the elements hardly vary, except for those new rounded shapes at the corners of the cradle, an unprecedented white color in the range and good numbers in the autonomy of the console, which hedera that hardware update that arrived just two years ago. Of course, another of the novelties that Nintendo has added is located in the cradle. Finally, the Japanese have understood the importance of a good internet connection and that is why they include an Ethernet port for wired networks as standard, so that it will no longer be necessary to buy a USB accessory. Oh, and remember that your hardware does not change anything: neither processor nor more memory although, yes, double the storage (64GB), “optimized” audio and a wider support.

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A very attractive set that Nintendo wants to be able to prolong its love affair with users, which have led to their machine becoming one of the most sold every month, not only in hardware units, but also in video game sales. This new OLED Switch will hit stores on October 8 at a price of 349.99 euros, that is, a tad more expensive than the current model that is within the range of 329 euros.