New look: Spotify launches redesigned app on PC

New look: Spotify launches redesigned app on PC
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While a new premium plan with HiFi audio is not launched, Spotify has released another novelty for its users. It’s a new look for the PC application’s interface that will allow users to better organize their music library and find what they need more intuitively.

Spotify’s new look. Image: TechSmart

According to canaltech, Spotify’s new interface was launched today for computers with a new look that aims to optimize navigation with keyboard and mouse, making better use of the useful space on the screen.

As we can see in the screenshots above and below, the look gained visual elements with rounded rectangles as well as in the mobile version for Android and iOS, making the experience more user-friendly.

Spotify search now has new filters. Image: TechSmart

Also, Spotify search now contains filters to find artists, playlists, tracks and albums more easily. The sidebar gained new shortcuts to view your library quickly.

The “Friends” tab is now accessible from the profile picture as it is no longer automatically displayed. Instead, users will find a column with information about the currently playing album, playlist, or podcast.

The new interface is rolling out gradually to Spotify users with version of the app installed on their computer, which is now available via the Microsoft Store and the music service’s official website.

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