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New Jabra Elite 4 headphones: with noise cancellation and at a great price

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One of the best companies out there in the headphone manufacturing market has just launched a new model. We talk about Jabrawhich has a long history of offering high-quality devices and which, in this case, also has the virtue of having a price that is most striking.

The accessory we are talking about is the Jabra Elite 4, which is a correct evolution since the previous generation and, obviously, it does not lack certain improvements that make it a model that is quickly proven, that it is superior. Aesthetically, there is hardly any variation in these earbud-type helmets (similar to Apple AirPods), and they do not lack a transport case that it has the same color as the headphones and that it has a battery so you don’t have to constantly look for a plug.

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By the way, it should be noted that the autonomy of this Jabra model exceeds 25 hours without problems, so they respond perfectly to the needs that may be had. It should be noted that, independently, and without resorting to the aforementioned battery in the case, the use reaches eight hours, which is why they also stand out from their competitors in the market.


The two great novelties of these Jabra headphones

The first is that it includes active noise cancellation (ANC). This means that if the included mode is activated, what happens around you will not be a problem when it comes to enjoying music or conversations in series and movies to the fullest. In this way, whether you go by train or by plane, the experience will always be perfect. And, by the way, a gesture is included to activate or cancel this function.


On the other hand, connectivity is added multipoint bluetooth. This means that you can be connected to different devices at the same time (for example, sound sources), and with a simple gesture switch from one to another so that what you need is heard. Ideal, for example, to go from the tablet to the phone if a call is received and you want to take advantage of the fact that the Jabra Elite 4 include the hands-free function due to the fact that it has several microphones.

A great price for these helmets

According to the information that has been known, what you have to pay to get this accessory is $99.99 (and, normally, the direct change is made to euros, which means that it is a most sensible amount). By the way, it is launched between three initial colors: black, gold and lilac. Therefore, even the appearance is well cared for in these Jabra Elite 4.

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