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New iPhone 14 Rumor: Classic Battery Indicator

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Among the rumors that have been emerging in recent weeks about what the new iphone 14 will be like, which will be presented on the 7th, is how the screen will be presented to users. Among the bets there is one that is winning the hand. Apple is supposed to bring back the battery indicator but in the most classic style.

Thanks to having more space on the screen, it returns to the classic battery indicator of a lifetime.

Much is being said about what the next iPhone 14 will be like, which will have its presentation in style in less than a week. One of the details that is being talked about a lot is the new screen look, thanks above all to the new position of certain aspects related to privacy.

This new restructuring and sizes make more screen space and that means that Apple has thought to use it at its convenience. How?. Easy. What the company wants is to return the battery indicator to classic mode.

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In the recent betas, it was being seen how the iPhone battery charge indicator in iOS 16 was established by means of an icon in which the percentage of charge was placed inside. This is done because currently that space we were talking about does not exist. But there will be on the iPhone 14. That is why the company wants to return to the icon system plus number and percentage in the status bar.

In this way we will have again, the possibility of knowing exactly how much battery we have left at all timeswithout having to go into secondary menus or doing any other experiment in the form of applications or the like.

Along with the classic battery indicator, Apple will reorganize other elements of the iOS status bar in the lock screen and notification center for the next iPhone. We will even have the signal indicator on the left margin.

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We hope that this is not the maximum of the changes introduced and we will see in a few days, a good change that we all like. We look forward to the day and expectations are not particularly high. But there is always a hole to hope and believing that we will see something out of the ordinary.

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