New Google game, now it’s a pharaonic cat

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Discover the fascinating history of ancient Egypt as you immerse yourself in the adventure of “Return of the Cat Mummy”. This original video game takes you back to the time of the pharaohs and challenges you to help a mummified cat save the pharaoh’s eternal journey. Prepare to face obstacles inspired by ancient Egyptian life and beliefs as you race through five levels in a race against time. Are you ready to become the hero of this exciting story?

The importance of animals in ancient Egypt

In ancient Egypt, animals played an important role in life after death. Cats were considered symbols of the goddess Bastet, the cat-headed deity, and were so revered that they were sometimes mummified before being buried, either as pets, offerings to the gods, or even as gods themselves. This belief in the divinity of cats is the main premise of “Return of the Cat Mummy”, the new video game developed by Google Arts & Culture.

a supernatural mission

In this video game, you take on the role of a mummified cat that has been brought back to life by the goddess Bastet. Your mission is to collect the lost items necessary for the pharaoh’s journey in the afterlife, in a race against time. As you progress through the game’s five levels, you will face challenging obstacles inspired by ancient Egyptian life and beliefs.

Objects for an eternity of happiness

Pharaohs and high-ranking people in ancient Egypt were buried with a variety of lavish items to ensure a comfortable life in the afterlife. These objects included furniture, jewelry, clothing, food, and statues of shabtis (small figurines of servants), among others. Most of these items were placed in or around the coffin, with the purpose of assisting the deceased on their journey to the afterlife and providing spiritual protection along the way.

The challenge of collecting the lost objects

In “Return of the Cat Mummy”, your mission as a mummified cat is to collect the lost items necessary for the pharaoh’s journey in the afterlife. As you progress through the game, you will face various challenges and obstacles that represent life in ancient Egypt. You must overcome these obstacles and collect the items in a limited time.

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