New Google Chat feature will keep you away from distractions


Google Chat will add a new function that will allow you to have work sessions without distractions.

Beyond setting “Do not disturb” at any time, the Google app will give the possibility of scheduling specific hours to work without interruptions.

Google Chat will let you schedule “Do Not Disturb” times

All messaging apps have options that allow us to stay away from distractions. And one of the most popular functions is the one that allows us to establish a status that alerts other users that we cannot attend to them at that moment and that silences the notifications.

It can be simply by changing our status to “Busy” or “Do not disturb. However, this will depend on us remembering that we have to change the state every time we want to focus on our work or want to rest. And we usually remember it when a contact sends us a message, or the chat bombards us with notifications, and it’s too late.

Google Chat wants to solve this problem with a new dynamic. As the Google team mentions, it will be possible to configure a recurring schedule to establish “Do not disturb”, both in the web version and in Android and iOS.

So instead of manually setting each time we want the “Do Not Disturb” status, we can schedule a specific time for it to automatically turn on. To do this, we can establish the rule we want.

For example, every day from 7 to 12, on weekends, on Friday afternoons, etc. Yes, you can choose specific hours and days, such as setting an alarm or setting the “Rest mode” on the mobile. Following this criterion, we can establish a schedule or several, according to our needs.

We only have to spend a few seconds configuring the programming and then we will see that it is activated automatically when the set time arrives. And of course, this new dynamic does not change the possibility of being able to mark as “Do not disturb” manually at any time.

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