New functions in Google Play to discover apps for other devices from the mobile

Google Play has been updating with a series of changes, which allows users to discover apps that they would like to use on their different devices from mobile.

Following this dynamic, not only will they find apps that they could take into account for their watch, car or TV, but they will also be able to start the download and installation process from the same mobile.

Google Play makes it easy to find apps for all our devices

The Google team has been implementing some changes so that users can easily find apps for their devices in the Play Store. A new dynamic that streamlines the process of discovering and installing apps on any of your compatible devices from mobile.

Users with a Wear OS watch, Android TV operating system, or Android Automotive-powered car can navigate to the Play Store’s “Other Devices” page in their phone app to see app and game recommendations and editorials tailored to their needs. devices other than phones.

So if you go to Google Play from your mobile to look for an interesting app, for example, for your watch with Wear OS, you just have to go to “Other devices” and click on the “Clock” tab. In that section you will find all the app recommendations that are designed for a Wear OS watch.

And you can apply the same dynamics with the rest of the devices just by using the mobile. And just like we’ve been doing for a long time, you can then start the remote installation of any app.

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Another novelty that has been implemented this year in Google Play is the search filter system by device. When you start a search you can filter the results by device to see only specific recommendations. Of course, this dynamic will only work if you have your devices connected to the same Google account.