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New from Runway to bring users closer to text-to-video generative AI

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It remains to be seen how far generative Artificial Intelligence will be able to go, where although it is currently dominated by text-to-image models, text-to-video models will be next.

In this sense, Runway is an emerging company heading towards this scenario, already having the experience of having launched Gen-1, which allows new videos to be generated based on existing ones, and which in the coming weeks will be made available to users a new model called Gen-2 that will allow you to generate videos completely from scratch.

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Giving way to the generation of videos from scratch

The idea, as generative Artificial Intelligence is used to, is to establish a text description so that the model itself is in charge of processing and offering the result of the request in a few seconds.

But yes, we do not expect results worthy of a film production, rather the opposite, since according to the fragments provided by the company, the clips are usually short, poorly defined and quite unstable, serving rather to make video -art, due to its finishes more turning towards the artistic, than to make serious audiovisual productions, although, like other similar tools, there is a danger that it will be used to promote disinformation.

The new model will initially reach a few of the users who participate in a waiting list, having to sign up through the server that the company has in Discord, although it will expand to a greater number of users throughout the next weeks.

A career in which Runway is not alone

Runway has a long way to go, which we will presumably see in the next models it launches, having to compete with the tech giants, who also have their own text-to-video models capable of offering more, that is, longer videos. and with better results, taking into account the amount of resources that giants like Google are capable of contributing in relation to what Runway is capable of contributing, a start-up company that only has 45 employees.

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It is already a matter of a company surprising sooner or later with results that leave no one indifferent. Meanwhile, it only remains to wait and continue playing with the current existing models.

More information: Runway

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