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New from NordVPN to share files, play games or have the Internet between devices

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Meshnet is the new thing that has just officially arrived at NordVPN at no additional cost to turn any Windows or Linux computer into a VPN server, supporting the connection of up to 60 devices (up to 10 of your own and up to 50 of other NordVPN users).

This new service is already present in the latest current version of the NordVPN appand it works by making use of the company’s NordLynx protocol, which offers a balance between speed and privacy.

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the new service allows you to add additional security features to your own devices, and even those of third parties, whether they are family, friends, acquaintances, or others, as long as they also have a NordVPN user account and subscription, which in practice could reduce the possibilities.

Each device that is linked to the generated VPN server will have a unique Nord identification name and will have a specific IP assigned to it to work.

Since NordVPN also points out that the activity of linked devices can be monitored, and that the traffic generated by said devices will appear to the Internet provider as that of the computer itself that has been converted into a VPN server.

The owner of the equipment will have an on-screen console where they will see the linked devices, both their own and external, and when adding a new device, it will be the NordVPN app that will take care of most of the process, so the process of Setting up new devices is extremely simple.

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The company highlights three main uses of the new service: routing Internet traffic through the computer that is always connected, creating a virtual LAN for games enabled for LAN connections without the need for cables or being under the same location, and for receiving and/or sending files between devices.

It will be a matter of having family, friends and other acquaintances as NordVPN subscribers so that the new service can be taken full advantage of, something that will not be easy in many social environments.

This new service It is the second addiction that comes to the application so far this yearthe first being Threat Protection.

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More information: NordVPN

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