New from Elgato to manage elements of live broadcasts and more


Elgato, manufacturer of devices and accessories for the creation of multimedia content, has just presented today its latest product to date: the Stream Deck Plus, your new studio controller with which content creators will obtain more granular controls, in relation to previous models, to control the different elements used in your multimedia productionsWhether it’s live video streams, TV shows, music shows, and more.

This means that through this small device, creators will be able to control the lighting, the zoom level of the cameras, or even their white balance, switch between scenes, activate and deactivate microphones, apply different sound effects, initiation of applications, among other live actions through the elements that they have decided to use, all unified from it.

All production elements at your fingertips

For this model, customizable LCD buttons have been included, a series of dials that can be rotated up to 360º, and also an LCD touch screen panel with which to obtain more details of the different connected elements that are being controlled.

According to Elgato:

Stream Deck+ puts almost unlimited power in your hands to interact with your studio. Instant, tactile and detailed control. Limitless customization. Plugins to give and take. Adapt it to your liking. Show your dominance.

Regarding one of the many possibilities, sound effects, the company points out that this device allows you to use thousands of royalty-free sound effects and also the powerful Wave Link mixing software.

Regarding the almost unlimited possibilities, points out that it has 200 ready-to-use plugins, although like other Stream Deck models, this one also allows you to associate actions to customizable buttons and dials, although this model improves this aspect a lot.

On this last point add that Users will be able to create different intelligent profiles, depending on their needs, in a very simple way, with which to link specific actions to buttons and dials in each of them.

Elgato has put its new production element control solution on sale at a price of 229.99 euros.

More information: Elgato

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