New features in Microsoft Outlook to manage contacts

If you use Microsoft Outlook you will find news that will help you manage your contacts.

The new features implemented by Microsoft will save you from having to update your contacts manually and spending time organizing them over and over again.

So you can manage your contacts from Microsoft Outlook

One of the novelties that you will find in Microsoft Outlook is that it allows you to organize your contacts into categories. These will allow you to organize your contacts by assigning labels of different colors.

In this way, you will be able to group the contacts that are family, study partners, work team, etc. And if you already had the contacts organized in folders, you will see that this criterion will automatically be transferred to the categories, so you will not have to carry out any extra action.

On the other hand, you will also have a new editor to add new contacts. As you can see in the image above, the new editor has all the options you need to have the data and complete record of your contact… name, email address and phone number.

And if it’s a work contact, you won’t have to worry about adding additional boxes since you have the options to add the company, department, office location, job title, etc. And for business users, a plus is added, since they will have automatic updating of contacts.

All new contacts that you add from the people card of a person in your organization will be auto-updating contacts. These contacts are automatically kept up to date based on the organization’s directory. Any changes made to contact details, such as phone number, department designation, etc., will be automatically updated to the contact.

To see these new functions dedicated to managing contacts, you just have to go to the “People” section in the web version of Outlook.