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New electric jet ski capable of reaching 93 km/h

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Pictured here is Valo’s Hyperfoil vehicle, a two-seat electric personal watercraft that can lift itself out of choppy water using extendable hydrofoils to increase its speed.

It’s no more powerful than other higher-end models, only 80 kW, but it rises half a meter above the surface in extendable hydrofoils, with one mode powered by a five-bladed electric propeller on the rear wing.

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It manages to reach 93 km/h, making it one of the fastest hydrofoil boats in the world, comparable to the 360 ​​kW all-electric SAY 29E or the Sagaris, which reach 110 km/h. The difference is that this new bike has less power, and it will be much cheaper.

If we put it at a speed of 64 km/h, the battery will last almost two hours, with a range of 107 km, and it charges 50% in 1 hour or 95% in 3 hours.

Ed Kearney, Founder and CEO of Boundary Layer Technologies, commented:

Valo will be fast, agile and tremendously exciting, very quiet and leaving zero emissions. It will be like flying a stunt plane but over water. We see this as a whole new form of water-based mobility.

It will cost around $59,000, and they plan to deliver the first orders in mid-2023, with full production machines in 2024.

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They use technology created for massive container ships and ferries, with a team of engineers who have designed America’s Cup hydrofoils, rockets and space planes.

You can see more details at ridevalo.com

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