New DJI Mini 2 SE, a cheap drone that has spectacular autonomy

The company DJI has updated one of its best-known ranges in the drone market. We are talking about the one that is intended for users who want to get a complete model that, for the moment, has no intention of making the leap to absolute professionalism. Therefore, we speak of a device that is interesting for the quality/price ratio and that usually works very well in the market.

The team we are talking about is the DJI Mini 2SE, which comes with improvements that are adequate, but not especially crazy. With a design that is very similar to the previous generation, one of the things where there is progress in this version has to do with autonomy, which is essential in the world of drones. There is progress, since can reach 31 minutes of flightmore than enough time to be able to practice without problems and perform quite complex tasks.

Options in the video that this DJI drone has

The integrated camera has a 1/2.3 type CMOS sensor inches that allows you to obtain resolutions in photos up to 12MP. In the case of videos, the quality reaches 2.7K, which means that it has a fairly high precision. In what has to do with the stabilizationthere are not many new features compared to the previous generation, since we are talking about a three axis element which is effective, thus avoiding the usual jumps that occur in flights.


A couple of details that are positive and should be known about the new DJI Mini 2 SE, it has hardware that allows you to reach a 4X zoom, but it is important to be clear that we are talking about a digital work (nothing optical), which means that quality is lost in the process. Besides, the video streaming undergoes an advance, in this case it can be reach ten kilometers to broadcast with HD resolutionso we are talking about a great use for specific jobs and where you have to be far from the drone.

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Other options that you will find in the new DJI model is that it is capable of offering a level 5 wind resistance, which allows you to not have problems even with speeds of 10.7 m/s. In addition, a button is included on the remote that makes the device automatically land only at a chosen point, which is very useful at specific moments.

Price of this model

If you find the DJI Mini 2 SE interesting, you should know that what you have to pay to get it are 389 euros, a figure that seems most sensible considering what it offers. On the other hand, the day that can be achieved in Spain will be March 2, so there is not much left to be able to take that further step when it comes to enjoying the flight of your own drone.