new diary and mood tracker feature in iOS 17! Discover how to maintain your well-being

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1682764581 ios 17 icon mock feature feature.jpg

Apple’s next iOS 17 update for the next presentation in June will arrive with new specialized daily applications for each user, reports eBloomberg journalist Mark Gurman. The Wall Street Journal pointed out a month ago that the Cupertino company is in the process of developing a daily app similar to Day One. However, at this time it is not fully known if it will already arrive in iOS 17.

iOS 17 with new applications

According to the Bloomberg journalist, Gurman mentioned that the app will arrive in iOS 17. Among the novelties it will include a “stronger note-taking and social element” for the iPhone.

It seems that at the moment there is not enough information about the new app. However, The Wall Street Journal said that at other times the app will allow users to track daily activities and even what they want to express. The Cupertino company will provide users with some topics such as training or meeting. They also plan to introduce “All Day People Discovery” features that will mention when someone is in a social environment, among others.

The app will be available to users knowing if there are text messages, phone calls and other notifications. However, privacy will be a major issue and you will only be handling information on the device.

Meanwhile the daily app makes sense due to Apple’s search for the user’s health and expressing the user’s day, in addition to add mood tracking feature for iOS 17. Emotion tracking app will be an option for the community to recognize your mood. Not only that, but to answer questions about the going or the results for the time.

The diary app and mood tracking functionality will be the company’s opportunity to launch the Health app on iPad for the first time. This will also expand any health-related guidelines or data to the iPad, even if you don’t have an iPhone nearby.

Third-party app developers similar to Day One have been providing this type of daily service on iPhone and iPad for some time. According to some reports, Apple’s original offer would be similar to Day One.

Before the possible launch, Day One mentioned the “enthusiasm” because Apple takes the newspaper to more public. He also plans for Day One to improve to match those who want to keep a diary. Gurman’s report goes much deeper on these issues with more information about it.