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New data makes it clear: the cheapest Tesla close to being a reality

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One of the most anticipated electric cars in recent times is the one that the company is preparing Tesla and that could be called Model 2. This model aims to become a purchase option for a market niche that right now cannot access the vehicles manufactured by Elon Musk’s company. Well, there is data that indicates that this product is closer and closer to being a reality.

The car we are talking about in principle would have a sale price of $ 25,000, a figure that is well below what you would have to pay for it right now Tesla Model 3 which is the cheapest offered by the manufacturer. This, obviously, aims to achieve penetration in a market so far beyond the reach of the North American company and in this way stand up directly to the models that are launching others and that have a price similar to the one we have indicated.

This would also mean that the production of the Model 2 would be far superior to any of those that the firm has had to date, since the logical thing is to think of a high demand. Therefore, one of the basic things that Tesla must accomplish is to have a strong enough supply and production chain to achieve this. And this is where the Chinese giant factory in Shanghai, which would be responsible for manufacturing this car, comes into play.

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New data makes it clear the cheapest Tesla close to

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Data of the responsible factory

According to the data available so far, the start of manufacturing was waiting for the factory in China to have a supply and location that will exceed at least 80%, in order to achieve optimal production both in quality and in speed. And it has just been known that this installation already would arrive at some figures of the 90% by the end of 2021 Which in principle would mean that Tesla could start manufacturing the Model 2 in early 2022, which would be a boost for the firm created by Musk.

In addition, to complete everything we say, not long ago it was also known that everything that is the development of the prototype of the new Tesla economic car would also have ended both in the design section and in that of the hardware and mechanical components. Therefore, in a short time surely the usual photographs are published in which these cars are seen circulating to carry out the pertinent tests that will allow us to know what everything works on wheels.

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