New Creative Stage Air V2 bar: small, portable and perfect for mobile

Although smartphones have greatly improved the sound quality that they allow us to enjoy, sometimes this is not as good as it should be. If you are one of those who take music everywhere with your mobile, but want to go a little further with the bass and treble, the new sound bar has been announced Creative Stage Air V2 which is full of good details.

This is a model that has among its virtues that its dimensions are very small, so it becomes an excellent accessory to take it out of the house with your phone or tablet. Specifically, they are the following: 410 x 94 x 75 millimeters. This makes it clear that you can store it in a backpack without the slightest problem.

In addition, for maximum usability, this product has a 2,200 mAh battery. This makes it possible to use it without having to resort to a power supply during six hours without restrictions on use. By the way, in case you have to charge the equipment, you should know that the included port is USB type C, so with the smartphone cable you can do it. Without a doubt, a detail that is positive.

Great connectivity in that Creative bar

Virtually every option you could possibly need is built into this soundbar. Thus, in addition to having a connection to 3.5 millimeters and offer support USBit is also possible to use bluetooth (version 5.3 is the one that is integrated). This allows you to not have to use any cables to enjoy music or game effects. In addition, it has technologies such as A2DP, which ensure that there is no loss of quality in wireless transmission.

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If you are wondering about the sound quality, you should know that what you will find in the Creative Stage Air V2 is more than enough to convince you. It easily outperforms any smartphone or tablet on the market. This is because, in addition to having a 10W power on two channelsincludes the following features:

  • Frequency response from 80 to 20,000 Hz
  • Signal to noise ratio: ≥ 75dB
  • Custom Full Range Drivers

Price and availability of this product

At the moment the sound bar we are talking about is available in black on the manufacturer’s own website, and its price is in the €59.99. Therefore, we are talking about a portable sound bar that is quite affordable and, since it lacks practically nothing that is necessary for use with a phone or laptop -it even has direct control buttons on one of its sides-, it is makes it a great purchase option.