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New Apple Card customers can get 5% cash back

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One of the products that has not yet officially arrived in Spain, but that is operational in other countries is the Apple Card. A credit card built on simplicity, transparency and privacy that promises to help customers lead healthier financial lives. Now to fulfill that task, If you make purchases at Apple with the card, 5% of what you spend is refunded. That easy.

Apple Card: 5% cash back on Apple products until December 25

Apple announced in April 2019 the arrival of a new concept of credit card. Taking into account the great reception and reception of Apple Pay, the Apple Card, gives its customers the possibility of having their accounts in order and the possibility of being able to extend the time of payments, etc. Apple Card is integrated into the Apple Wallet app on iPhone, giving your customers a similar experience with Apple Pay.

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There have always been interesting promotions related to Apple Card. The usual thing is the extension of the payment terms or being able to divide them. But from time to time there are promotions like the ones we are telling you about today.

Apple has announced that new customers who open an account with an Apple Card between December 1 and 25 will be able to get some additional points but they will also get 5% daily cash when buying Apple products with the card on those dates and in physical Apple stores and in the official website Of the brand.

However, the following exceptions must be taken into account: Purchases made with monthly installments of Apple Card; With the iPhone Upgrade Program; Wireless service provider financing plans; Apple services and monthly AppleCare+ payments does not fall within the promotion.

The usual thing is that the return of the purchases made reaches 3% and now they rise to 5. But it is also that this 3% continues in certain purchases that are made, for example, in stores like Nike. Many advantages that I wish would come to our country. We are looking forward, at least on my part, to receive the possibility of having the Apple Card. But for this, the American company You must reach an agreement with a financial institution and it seems that for now no negotiation or rapprochement is seen on the horizon.

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The same thing happened with Apple Pay and in the end it is implemented everywhere. So I still have hope and looking forward to that day.

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