New and cheap Apple Vision Pro could arrive by the end of 2025

apple vision pro .webp.jpeg
apple vision pro .webp.jpeg

Apple impressed in different ways with the Vision Pro, because despite being a high-quality device, it is quite true that it is not the most affordable on the market. Therefore, the company already has plans for a much cheaper version by the end of 2025. This could be a non-Pro version under the name “Apple Vision One” or simply “Apple Vision” according to Bloomberg journalist Mark Gurman.

Apple Vision Pro at the best price

Through his Power On newsletter, journalist Gurman mentioned that Apple already has plans to launch a better, cheaper version for the headset. This may indicate that you do not intend to lose the mechanics of two products with different ranges as is the case with the standard iPhone and iPhone Pro.

The Vision Pro’s $3,499 price tag is very close to cost to manufacture. Gurman thinks Apple could soon switch to two 4K microLED displays. Even changing the M2 Apple Silicon chip for other types of cheaper components and fewer cameras.

The company has the option of slightly changing the design for a headband without speakers in the headsetalthough being able to use AirPods for Spatial Audio in an almost mandatory way. However, there will be issues that remain in this more affordable version.

Some components such as the external screen, EyeSight “displays the user’s eyes, as well as hand and eye tracking, are as essential to Apple Vision as the touch screen is to an iPhone.” At least Gurman thinks these features could be kept in this version.

There are various rumors They point out that a cheap version would not have a few components. The cost would obviously be lower as the screen that is facing the outside that raises the price quite a bit. For a device that is already expensive at the outset, it doesn’t make much sense to further lower the battery capacity. However, Apple mentions that the EyeSight system is key to differentiating this headset from others. In addition to keeping the user in contact with the people around them.

According to the Bloomberg journalist, the wear and tear on component costs in other areas, added to new production methods, could allow discounts on the new version subtracting hundreds of dollars.

Previously, since January rumors came from The Informationny Bloomberg about the possible cheapest version of the headset. Ming Chi Kuo, the Apple analyst mentioned that the company would launch two ranges of the Vision Pro by the end of 2025.