New AI Writing Assistant for WordPress from Automattic

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The Automattic company, known for being the creator of and contributing to the WordPress open source project, has released a new AI writing assistant to power posts on this popular content management platform. This advancement promises to improve the user experience by offering a number of functions and features powered by artificial intelligence, which can be very useful for writers and bloggers. Let’s see in detail how this wizard works and how it can benefit users.

A new tool to enhance your content in WordPress

The Automattic company has introduced the Jetpack AI Assistant, an AI writing assistant designed specifically for and Jetpack-powered sites. This new functionality allows users to easily integrate the wizard into their posts and pages. By simply adding an “AI Assistant” block to the content, writers can take advantage of the AI-powered copy generation capabilities offered by this tool.

Generating ideas and improving the structure of your publications

One of the standout features of the Jetpack AI Assistant is its ability to generate content ideas. Users can enter natural language text as a query or seed idea, and the wizard will generate text based on that input. This can be especially helpful when looking for inspiration or needing a creative boost.

The wizard can also help in structuring the posts. You can create structured tables and lists within a blog post, making it easier to organize and present information more effectively. This allows writers to create more engaging and easily readable content for readers.

Tonality customization and summary and title suggestions

The Jetpack AI Assistant gives users the ability to adjust the tonality of their posts. You can tailor your tone to be more casual, skeptical, humorous, confident, or empathetic, as needed. This helps writers establish the desired voice and style for their content, providing greater flexibility in communication.

You can also generate summaries for posts and suggest suitable titles. These additional features streamline the writing process and allow writers to quickly preview content before publishing.

Multilingual support and improved proofing

Automattic has developed the Jetpack AI Assistant with a global approach in mind. This AI writing assistant tool supports 12 languages, including Spanish, French, Chinese, Korean, and Hindi. This allows writers to write in their native language and then easily translate it into other languages, such as English, thus expanding their reach and audience.

It also offers improved spelling and grammar checking compared to the built-in WordPress tools. This ensures that published content is more accurate and professional, avoiding common typing mistakes.

A powerful tool to enhance the typing experience

The release of Automattic’s Jetpack AI Assistant highlights the growing trend of integrating AI-powered features into writing tools. Companies like Google, Microsoft, and other popular solutions like Notion and Grammarly have also incorporated AI features to improve post productivity and quality.

This AI writing assistant provides WordPress users with an additional tool to enhance their content and improve efficiency in the writing process. By enabling idea generation, tonality customization, and improved proofing, Automattic is giving writers the tools they need to create more engaging and effective publications.

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