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Microsoft recently introduced three innovative AI-powered shopping tools that promise to revolutionize the online shopping experience. These new features, integrated into the Bing search engine, Bing Chat and the Edge browser, are designed to save users time and money by providing product review summaries, price monitoring and buying guides. Let’s take a closer look at each of these tools and how they can benefit buyers.

Product Review Summaries

The first tool is the summary of product reviews. By asking Bing Chat for reviews of a particular product, users will be able to see real feedback from other users collected from various platforms. Instead of having to read numerous reviews individually, Bing Chat will generate a summary of the overall opinion drawn from all of those reviews. This will allow users to get an overview of how a product is being received without having to invest hours in research. Additionally, review summaries are generated using AI, providing an objective perspective and avoiding the need to navigate a multitude of conflicting opinions.

Price Comparison Monitor

The second tool is the price comparison monitor. When searching for a specific product, users will not only see price comparisons between different retailers, but also a price history that will allow them to gauge whether it is a good time to buy. Microsoft records the price paid by the user and the price match policies of each retailer. If the price of the product drops and the user is entitled to request a refund, they will receive an alert with information on how to do so. This feature is especially valuable as many retailers don’t highlight their price match policies, which means users could miss out on saving money for free.

Buying guides

The third tool, and possibly the most interesting, is the buying guide. Previously, when searching for general terms like “work-from-home supplies”, Bing would show links to buying guides already posted online. With this new feature, Microsoft AI compiles a list of products that might be useful to remote workers, compares similar products and models, and provides details and pricing for each. This not only gives users information about products they might not have considered, but also gives them a clear idea of ​​how much they can expect to spend and allows them to choose between different models.


According to Microsoft, the review roundup and buying guides features are already available in the United States, while the price match feature will be available “soon.” These AI-powered shopping tools go a long way in simplifying the online shopping process. Users will be able to make informed decisions in less time, avoiding regrets later and saving money by taking advantage of price match policies.

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