Network Slicing: Nokia will allow Android 14 phones to access faster 5G networks

Nokia G42 5G is listed on Geekbench with Qualcomm platform and Android 13
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Android 14 should bring several benefits to cell phones and one of them should be allowing access to faster 5G networks with the so-called Network Slicing. According to the portal NokiaMobphones connected to Nokia’s infrastructure will have this feature that will bring more speed and reduced latency for those who want an optimized experience in 5G.

What is Network Slicing?

O network slicing (network slicing in direct translation) It is a technology integrated into 5G that allows operators to create virtual networks so that companies and people have access to a guaranteed connection speed, avoiding instability and speed variations as in 4G.

Nokia itself defines the feature as follows:

With network slicing, they [operadoras] can create multiple virtual networks, or network ‘slices’, that can be used for different applications with specific requirements. Network slicing enables new revenue opportunities at scale through automation to drive profitable growth.


Integrated with the 5G standard, as defined by the 3GPP specifications, operators can create thousands of virtual and independent networks within the same physical network that connect from the device to the application. Whether connecting a device to mobile broadband or a robot to an automation application, the network operator is able to guarantee service levels for the slice as if it were a separate network.

In this way, a cell phone connected to a “slice” of the network will have guaranteed access to speed, latency and contracted bandwidth regardless of data traffic in the region, as that slice is reserved for it and cannot be consumed by other devices.

Network Slicing on Android 14

According to NokiaMob, this feature should be announced soon by Nokia and be compatible with Android 14 phones that are connected to Nokia’s mobile infrastructure. Nokia Networkswhich partners with several operators around the world, including in Europe.

In addition to Nokia, other companies such as Ericsson and Huawei are also expected to license the network slicing into their infrastructures, allowing users to access reduced latency and higher speeds when purchasing network slices.

At the moment, Android 14 is in the beta testing phase and the expectation is that the stable version will be released in August 2023.

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