Netflix’s ad-supported rate will have limitations: it will not show ads on all content

Rivers of ink have been spilled on the possibility that Netflix finally launched an ad-supported fee to stop the drain on subscribers that resulted in the loss of 1 million customers in the second quarter of the year.

We have even begun to learn the first details of the Netflix’s new ad-supported rate. For example, we recently did not find out that this subscription model will not allow access to the full catalog of the streaming platform.

In this way, users who bet on this next subscription model with advertising will not be able to enjoy all the movies and series available on the platform.

Advertising will be limited to protect children

A limitation that can make more than one user decide not to bet on this rate, although it remains to be seen if the invention works for them. More news has been revealed today regarding Netflix’s ad-supported rate, which, it seems, will follow in the footsteps of the option Disney+ is working on.

netflix-logo splash
netflix-logo splash


Or this is what emerges from the latest report published by Bloomberg, and where the prestigious media outlet states that internal sources of the platform indicate that the ad-supported option will have no ads on all content.

In this way, Netflix will not offer ads on all children’s content to protect the little ones in the house. In this way, children’s programming, both movies, series, documentaries and other programs, will not have advertising.

Also, some studies have made it clear that they will not allow the streaming giant to add ads to their content, at least in the premiere of these original movies and series, which changes things quite a bit.

Evidently, Netflix has not confirmed this information, so we will have to wait until they officially present their new rate with advertising to see what they surprise us with. However, it makes a lot of sense that original productions are ad-free from the moment they are released.

It should be remembered that Netflix is ​​expected to announce the arrival of its new ad-supported subscription in the US later this year while its global launch, first in Europe, would arrive in early 2023.

So all you have to do is wait a few months to find out all the secrets of the controversial cheap Netflix subscription with ads. Do you think this model will work for the streaming giant or will it be a resounding failure?

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