Netflix’s ad-supported plan could arrive this year

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It’s not a good morning in the offices of Netflix. Their numbers are only going down, with a particularly poor short-term outlook. And it is that to the proliferation of other platforms that pose their direct competition, these are also eliminating references that until now were found in Netflix, but that for various reasons also make the leap to other services. This has forced the company to bet heavily on its own production, which is becoming more important every day in the content catalogue.

So much so that, despite the fact that only two months ago the company stated that it had no plans to offer cheaper accounts but advertising, and as a way to increase its income it began to test a new plan of shared accounts, when the numbers of the first quarter and predictions for the second, Netflix took a 180 degree turnstating that they were studying it.

They raised it, yes, in the medium term, without haste, for sometime in 2023 or 2024, something that fits with the deadlines with which decisions are usually made at Netflix, but not so much with the conditions of a market, such as theirs, so competitive, in which other services do already offer that modality, and others They plan to start offering it this year. Taking things so slowly, when everyone around you is moving so fast, doesn’t seem like a particularly sensible policy.

Netflix's ad-supported plan could arrive this year

Fortunately, it seems that the company has realized the mistake and, as we can read in The New York Times, NEtflix could launch a new, cheaper, ad-supported subscription plan before the end of this yearmore specifically at some point in the last quarter of 2022. The information would originate from an internal company document to which the authors of said information would have had access.

And there is one paragraph in particular, from the internal Netflix document, that is especially interesting: «Every major streaming company except Apple has or has announced an ad-supported service,” the note read. “For good reason, people want lower-priced options.» What is striking, however, is that the service that was a forerunner in streaming movies and series, now have to be inspired by what your competitors are doing to decide what steps to take.

It seems, therefore, two, and that could slow down, or at least substantially reduce, the volume of casualties that the service is suffering. Even so, its latest price increases added to the increasing persecution of shared accounts is something that, without a doubt, works against it.

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