‘Netflix wil zich op games storten’

Netflix is ​​also planning to offer games. The company would therefore be looking for a new top position that should focus on those plans.

Insiders tell  The Information  that Netflix wants to expand in the field of games. Netflix is ​​said to have approached top executives from the game industry asking if they would like to work at Netflix.

Netflix would consider offering a subscription similar to  Apple Arcade . With this service, subscribers have unlimited access to a growing range of games for a fixed amount. Those games can be downloaded on all of the user’s Apple devices from iPhone to  Apple TV .

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Interactive films

Netflix has previously invested in games on a small scale, with, for example, a game based on the popular series Stranger Things. Netflix has also made several interactive films and series, such as the film  Black Mirror: Bandersnatch . In it, viewers can make their own decisions at key moments in order to influence the course of the story.

Netflix has been keeping an eye on games for some time: in 2019, Netflix said that Fortnite is  a bigger competitor  than pay channel HBO, a pioneer in the field of TV series with a large budget. But when it comes to grabbing consumers’ attention in a fragmented entertainment market, Fortnite would pose a greater danger to Netflix.

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Additional Netflix service

There have also been rumors recently   that Netflix would consider an expansion pack with additional media. Then, among other things, behind-the-scenes videos and podcasts were mentioned.

Users could also compile their own playlists with movies and series episodes.

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