Netflix was right to ban account sharing: subscriptions in the United States skyrocket

Netflix was right to ban account sharing: subscriptions in the United States skyrocket
netflix was right to ban account sharing: subscriptions in the

The truth is that the change in Netflix’s policies, including the ban on account sharing and the launch of a new rate with advertising, was going to be an absolute mistake. The bleeding of clients experienced pointed in that direction. Nothing is further from reality.

The streaming platform recently showed the first green shoots, achieving that almost 5 million subscribers had opted for its ad-supported plan. And what happens to the supposed 200 million potential customers by banning account sharing on Netflix? Well, it seems that they are there.

Or this is what emerges from the latest article published by the Wall Street Journal and in which they echo a report that makes it clear that Netflix has not been wrong at all: subscriptions in the United States have skyrocketed.

It seems that Netflix was not as wrong as we thought

In this way, after the ban in May when sharing accounts in the United States, average daily subscriptions to Netflix reached 73,000 new additions per dayan increase of 102 percent from the previous 60-day average.

NEW on the Antenna Blog: A first look at the impact of Netflix’s pw sharing crackdown. In the first 6 days since they implemented the new policy, Netflix has had the 4 single largest days of US user acquisition in the 4.5 yrs that Antenna has been measuring the streaming service.

—Antenna (@AntennaData) June 9, 2023

And eye, that Netflix touched 100,000 new subscriptions on both May 26 and 27, surpassing COVID figures, where the confinement that took place throughout the world caused a brutal rise in subscribers.

It’s not all gold, as Netflix has also seen an increase in cancellations, but it seems that very few unsubscribed compared to the high. This waycancellations increased 25.6% since May 23 compared to the previous 60 days.

According to Netflix figures, 100 million households have been sharing accounts for a long timeHence, I made this decision. And based on the results, it seems that the streaming giant has done very well.

So, while it has really caused quite a stir, and many customers are disappointed with this stance to the point of unsubscribing from the platform, it’s clear that Netflix has hit the jackpot.

So the buzz around Netflix has caused a drain on customers, but their firmness in banning account sharing has also seen a notable increase in their user base.

And this could be the spur for other platforms to follow in their footsteps. We fear a lot, that sharing an account has its days numbered…

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