Netflix wants you to have a “quick laugh” with a TikTok-style section

Netflix wants you to have a
Netflix Wants You To Have A "quick Laugh" With A

The Netflix cover on the apps of our smartphones has changed a lot in recent months, especially since the platform itself lost the fear of offering added information that were not just launches and the like. The tops with the most seen in our country, for example, was the first It happened but now, apparently, the Red Hastings want us to have a laugh.

The idea that they have come up with gives the feeling that they want to turn Netflix into a kind of social network with fun content but it is not like that. as much as that section may remind you when you see it on TikTok, it is much more limited and it aims to viralize at our expense moments that are especially funny from the main fictions of the platform. But most importantly, he wants us to hit play. That we start to see what is as quickly as possible.


Short videos to share

What Netflix is ​​going to do next is create a “Preview” section in which you will introduce those little TikTok-style videos that they define as to have a laugh, so it is to be imagined that it will be especially curious moments, entertaining or that they give so that we can laugh for a while. It would be a kind of preview of a series or film that is about to come and that they want to give greater visibility through short, highly viral content.

Netflix’s gone all TikTok-like with ‘Fast Laughs’ feature ?!

– Matt Navarra (@MattNavarra) November 12, 2020

As you can see in the tweet that you have just above, this new section would appear just below the featured content and, by accessing them, we can see a quick clip with especially entertaining, funny or important moments. Like a kind of quick trailer but in vertical format, with many options to share and react on the right side. As you can see when you start the video, it will be possible to forward it to other users or add to our favorites list, start watching that content and, finally, learn more.

If you look, and you are TikTok users, you will see that the resemblance to the microvideos social network is more than evident although knowing that hooligan soul that North Americans have, we must not rule out that everything has a premeditated background to make these content pills pass in a way that is as familiar as possible to its millions of subscribers. After all, how many of them are not already familiar with those TikTok apps on iOS and Android?