Netflix updates to protect your screen from accidental keystrokes

Netflix updates to protect your screen from accidental keystrokes

The screen lock has been, from time immemorial, an old workhorse of smartphones, operating systems and applications. Just remember those modes cinema of some devices that allowed us to lock the screen to stop detecting pulsations on the panel. And why should we want that?

And the most obvious case is that of video playback, that when we accidentally touched the screen, we left the application, or pressed a button that we did not want because in the end the size of the screen gives for what it provides. The fingers end up getting too close to places that it should not. So how can we fix that problem that always leaves us with honey on our lips in a full hangout from the last episode of the season?

Netflix has a solution.

The good news is that users will not have to do anything to fix it since from the platform in streaming have devised a resource cross, It will be used for any device and operating system where we use your application. In this way, they have added a new control, at the bottom left of the screen, which you can see just below, and which is shaped like a padlock.

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New lock screen button. Engadget

His name is revealing: “Screen lock”, that is, screen lock, so pressing it will close the padlock and the phone will no longer feel everything that happens on your screen. That is, it will not matter where we touch, whether it is a button or not, that the smartphone he will pretend he has not seen us. In this way, we can see chapter calmly without interference.

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The moment we want to reactivate the screen we can easily do so by imitating the movement that indicates to unlock so that the touchpad will work as usual, as well as all the play buttons (play, stop, etc.), volume, next chapter, etc. that you usually see on the phone. As you can see, it is a simple method to view content with more peace of mind.

At the moment, this update has started to reach all Netflix users on Android, through an update. It should already be in the Google Play Store. In the case of the iPhone (or iPad), at this time we have not found the new version in the App Store although it is imagining that it will end up arriving in the next few days.