Netflix seeks to expand its options: it wants to broadcast live sports

Netflix seeks to expand its options: it wants to broadcast live sports
netflix seeks to expand its options: it wants to broadcast

Netflixby surprise, it seems that he plans his first live broadcast where the main event is sport. At least, that’s how it appears from a report published by the Wall Street Journal. This would be a very important change in the way the video platform works.

The streaming giant is in talks to create a celebrity golf tournament which will feature both professional golfers and Formula 1 drivers, according to people with knowledge of the matter. Talks are said to be in early stages, but if the idea comes to fruition, the event could take place in Las Vegas this fall.

The idea that Netflix may have

The sources that are handled indicate that the tournament would probably involve celebrities from Netflix shows like “Drive to Survive,” a documentary series focused on Formula 1 motorsports racing, and “Full Swing,” which offers behind-the-scenes coverage of the PGA Tour.

While Netflix’s initial offering may generate limited interest among sports fans, it could pave the way for additional deals involving more high-profile sporting events, which in turn could encourage new subscribers to join the streaming service. However, a serious focus on live sports would entail significant outlays on broadcast rights -which would require Netflix to divert money from other content it produces-.


It should not be forgotten that in December 2022, the co-CEO of Netflix, ted sarandos, it seemed that he was dismissing the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčentering the market of live sports broadcasts. He said: “We haven’t seen a profitable way to rent major sports… We’re not against sports, we’re just for profit… [Netflix] it can grow twice as large without sports.” While this appears to be a rejection of live sports, Monday’s Journal report suggests otherwise.

Live is not a new experience

Netflix has already streamed live, starting with a Chris Rock comedy special in March. However, his second attempt to broadcast a live event ended in disaster in April, when Technical problems ruined a “Love is Blind” special. Netflix eventually ended up sharing a recording of the show.

This new step of the streaming platform towards the realm of live sports is a clear indication of the constant evolution and diversification of the streaming platform. As market competition intensifies, Netflix seeks to capture the attention of a broader audience, expanding its reach beyond traditional shows and movies. The foray into live sports could be a smart strategy to attract new subscribers.


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