Netflix reveals the number of users of its plan with ads, and there is hope

Netflix reveals the number of users of its plan with ads, and there is hope
netflix reveals the number of users of its plan with

During the first presentation of the Upfront event of Netflix which was held this Wednesday, the company has revealed the number of users currently actively using their ad-supported plan each month. The figure, basically, is not bad, far from it, but it clearly needs to improve to make sense and bring you the expected benefits.

According to the company itself, the new option that exists in many regions -among which Spain is not lacking- has nearly five million monthly active users globally. Therefore, there is definitely a figure with which it is possible to establish whether the idea of ​​placing ads among the content offered on the streaming video platform has started on the right foot. And, the truth is that it seems like a fairly low number compared to all those who have the service (which is about 232 million worldwide).

An information that was quite expected

This is the first time the company has disclosed figures on the new plan, which was launched just six months ago and is expected to increase the company’s revenue through advertising, a market Netflix had not explored until now. It’s a start, no doubt, but it needs to improve.


There are data that are positive for the platform, actually, they are quite encouraging. If we consider the data published by Bloomberg in March, where it was indicated that the number of registered users up to that moment was one million, we can observe a significant growth in recent months. And this could make Netflix smile going forward, as long as this growth continues. So much so that Netflix has indicated that the ad-supported plan’s subscriber base “has more than doubled” since the beginning of this year.

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Also, do not forget that not long ago the platform improved the conditions of the plan with ads, adding a higher video quality (1080p resolution) and expanding support for two simultaneous transmissions. At launch, the plan only offered 720p video quality, and users could only view content on one device during a single playback. Therefore, things can improve, according to the company itself.


Other interesting facts indicated by Netflix

An example is that the company revealed that 80% of viewing takes place on television screens (a high figure, taking into account the number of platforms on which content can be viewed). Besides, 25% of new Netflix subscribers opt for the ad-supported plan in countries where it’s available, this being an important piece of information, but it is not especially positive for this new option. The streaming service also noted that the average age of its ad-supported viewers is 34.