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Netflix now allows you to customize the size and style of subtitles on your TV

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Netflix is ​​bringing a small update to its TV app that allows users to change the appearance of subtitles.

A dynamic that has been available for a long time in the web version of Netflix, but that was not present when we watched series and movies from the TV. A problem that already has a solution.

How to change the size and color of Netflix subtitles from the TV

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Unlike other streaming platforms, Netflix did not give users options to change the appearance of subtitles on the TV. So if you found that the subtitles were too small or hard to read against some backgrounds, you didn’t have a way to change this setting.

A problem that already has a solution with the latest Netflix update. So if you have Netflix on your TV, you can take a look to see if you already have this option in the settings. To do this, you just have to open the episode of a series or movie, and go to the subtitles section.

You will see that this section not only offers some default subtitle options, depending on the content and your preferences, but also shows the icon of the configuration wheel. When you click on that icon you will see a series of options open.

For example, you will be able to choose between three different subtitle sizes, ranging from small, medium to large. And on the other hand, you can also choose between four styles of subtitles. First, you’ll see the default with white text, and then the rest of the options will be presented: white text on a black background, yellow text on a black background, and black text on a white background.

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So depending on the content, or your needs, you can opt for different sizes and styles. For example, if you find it difficult to see the subtitle with white letters, you can choose the one that has more contrast, or has an integrated background. And of course, you can change this setting as many times as necessary.

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