Netflix launches a tool that goes directly to shared accounts

Netflix launches a tool that goes directly to shared accounts

The company Netflix has announced a new official tool that it offers on its website that aims to offer a new function for users… and that, perhaps, hides something else for the future of the company. We show you what it is and what can be achieved with it.

Basically, what can be achieved with this new development is export the information accumulated in a profile from Netflix to another account. This, it must be said, is quite positive, since, if you intend to contract something new on the platform, it is a simple way to take the data that has been accumulated (from the tastes to the opinion of the series and movies what have you seen). Thus, the service from the first moment can work in a much more complete way when it comes to, for example, making recommendations.

First of all, a great simplicity in the novelty of Netflix

The process is very basic, since you simply have to enter the credentials of the account where the profile is, and then those of the person who is the destination of the information. Once this is done, and without putting your data at risk since everything is done on the company’s own servers, the dump process begins where it is sent from the history; going through the generated lists and configuration options; to the recommendations that the platform has generated specifically for you. Come on, effective and without scares.


At the moment, as Netflix itself has indicated, the function is not in all regions, but it will gradually reach all where the most used streaming video service worldwide has a presence. Also, will send an email personalized to inform users that the option is available and the corresponding local link to access the tool if necessary.

Something else in this new tool

Well, the truth is, and recognizing the usefulness of the option that we have mentioned (especially for couples who break up or for children who become independent), for Netflix this is a basic element to achieve something that it has been aiming for a long time: to end the shared accounts. This is something you want the platform to increase your income -and, in addition, in the conditions of the service it is clearly indicated that this is prohibited between people who do not live in the same home.

The fact is that, if it launches the modifications to take this step, Netflix will be able to offer users to migrate profiles created to pass them to a new account. This, for example, can be with ads, taking into account what economic what they are and what has been recently announced.


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